American Support For Gay Marriage At All Time High

Public opinion has been consistently increasing in favor of Marriage Equality over the past few decades.  

Support for same-sex marriage has reached an all-time high, according to recent polls. A new survey from Gallup shows a record 60 percent of Americans now say they approve of legalized same-sex marriage.
The trend measured by Gallup closely matches results from other polls that have been measuring public opinion on same-sex marriage. An ABC/Washington Post poll conducted in April found that 61 percent of Americans approve. Similarly, a Quinnipiac University poll from the same month measured approval at 58 percent.
Approval of same-sex marriage has grown at a rapid rate in the last two decades. When Gallup first surveyed Americans on the issue in 1996, only 27 percent approved. Nineteen years later, that number has more than doubled, growing 5 points in the last month alone.


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