Monday, December 30, 2013

Gay Couple Will Get Married On Rose Parade Float

Danny Leclair (left) and Aubrey Loots will marry during the Rose Parade
This is great! I love that children watching the parade will be able to see this amazing expression of love!

On the heels of conservatives screaming about "religious liberty" and "freedom of speech" for Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, they are now calling for a boycott of the parade unless the gay marriage is dropped.

Via L.A. Times:

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s float, “Living the Dream: Love Is the Best Protection,” was created to celebrate victories in 2013 for gay marriage advocates, including Supreme Court decisions upholding the repeal of California’s Proposition 8 and striking down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act. 
Foundation spokesman Ged Kenslea said the organization supports legally sanctioning same-sex marriage because it encourages more stable relationships among gay men as well as behavior that will prevent the spread of HIV. 
“We believe that marriage saves lives,” he said.
Well said!  I will be watching this with pride!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

UK Pardons Gay WW2 Hero Alan Turing

Alan Turing
The Queen has granted a pardon to World War 2 hero Alan Turing.  He was convicted of gay sex crimes and chemically castrated after he helped save the free world from the Nazis. He later committed suicide.

Via Talking Points Memo:

Turing's contributions to science spanned from computer science to biology, but he's perhaps best remembered as the architect of the effort to crack the Enigma code, the cipher used by Nazi Germany to secure its military communications. Turing's groundbreaking work -- combined with the effort of cryptanalysts at Bletchley Park near Oxford and the capture of several Nazi code books -- gave the Allies the edge across half the globe, helping them defeat the Italians in the Mediterranean, beat back the Germans in Africa and escape enemy submarines in the Atlantic. 
"It could be argued and it has been argued that he shortened the war, and that possibly without him the Allies might not have won the war," said David Leavitt, the author of a book on Turing's life and work. "That's highly speculative, but I don't think his contribution can be underestimated. It was immense."
We all owe our freedom, in part, to this man.  He was treated terribly at the time.  Some in our society would treat him the same way today.

Friday, December 20, 2013

So True!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Duck Dynasty' Patriarch Shocking Anti Gay Remarks In GQ Interview

Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson

Wow!  This is epic for all the wrong reasons!

Via Talking Points Memo:

The patriarch of "Duck Dynasty," America's biggest cable television show, shared his views on "sin," homosexuality, and world religions in an epic interview that appears in the January issue of GQ. 
Phil Robertson, the elder statesman of the show's family of self-described "Bible-thumpers," told the magazine that in America today "everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong." 
“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men," Robertson said before paraphrasing a Bible verse. "Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”
He then tries to claim that he doesn't judge anyone.

Though he clearly has strong criticism for "homosexuals" and others he feels have sinned, Robertson said he doesn't judge them.  
“We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job," Robertson said. "We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?" 
Uh, just did!!  I think he forgets that people outside of backwoods Louisiana can actually read.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Advocate Names Pope Francis Person Of The Year

My view on this has changed since the announcement that Francis was the new Pope.

On the heels of Time Magazine naming Pope Francis person of the year, the nation's oldest gay magazine The Advocate has granting the head of the Roman Catholic church the same honor.  Even though the church's stand on LGBT issues have not changed, his words of tolerance and non-judgement have stirred quite a conversation within the religious and non-religious communities! I kind of agree with both publications.  

Via The Advocate:

The most influential person of 2013 doesn't come from our ongoing legal conflict but instead from our spiritual one — successes from which are harder to define. There has not been any vote cast or ruling issued, and still a significant and unprecedented shift took place this year in how LGBT people are considered by one of the world's largest faith communities...  
...Pope Francis's stark change in rhetoric from his two predecessors — both who were at one time or another among The Advocate's annual Phobie Awards — makes what he's done in 2013 all the more daring. First there's Pope John Paul II, who gay rights activists protested during a highly publicized visit to the United States in 1987 because of what had become known as the “Rat Letter” — an unprecedented damning of homosexuality as “intrinsically evil.” It was written by one of his cardinals, Joseph Ratzinger, who went on to become Pope Benedict XVI. Since 1978, one of those two men had commanded the influence of the Vatican — until this year.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Russian Actor Ivan Okhlobystin Calls For Gay Holocaust

He is an actor in the Russian version of "Scrubs."  Funny, huh?

Via QueerRussia:

During Novosibirsk tour “Spiritual talks” on December, 8 Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin, 47,  made several harsh homophobic remarks while fully packed venue greeted them with applause. 
Okhlobystin said: “I myself would shove all live gays into furnace. This is Sodom and Gomorrah, I as a beliver in God can not treat this indifferently, this is a live threat to my kids!… I do not want my kids to think that faggots are normal. This is lavender fascism. If a person can not choose someone of an opposite sex for procreation – this is a overt sign of mental abnormality, so they should be denied of voting rights”, NGS NEWS reports.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pastor Rick Warren Confirms He Is Motivated By Fear And Not By Love

Anti Gay Pastor Rick Warren
Rick Warren is a Christian Pastor.  Jesus spoke of love, above all else.  When it comes to gay marriage, Pastor Rick is guided by fear.  This quote from his latest Piers Morgan interview on CNN verifies this.

Via TowleRoad:
Towards the end of the clip, when asked by Morgan if he could envision a time in the future where he and other Christians support full equality for LGBT citizens, Warren shot down the idea with the following answer that led to scattered applause in the audience: 
"I cannot see that happening in my life. I fear the disapproval of God more than I fear your disapproval or the disapproval of society."
When all is said and done, Rick Warren is a very small man, speaking from a place of fear.  I think it's sad that he claims to speak for so many Christians.  I think that the LOVE that the man he worships preached is so much more than Pastor Warren can comprehend.  In a way, I feel bad that Rick's vision of "love" is so limited.

Watch interview below.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Elton John Speaks Out Against Anti Gay Law At Russian Concert

We will see if the concert promoters will be charged and fined for Elton's statement like Lady Gaga's promoter.

Via AmericaBlog:
Elton John sharply criticized Russia’s new anti-gay “propaganda” law onstage during his concert in Moscow this evening. 
Elton’s criticism of the law is itself illegal under the law, which bans any speech or actions that might influence a child into thinking that being gay is less than evil. 
Here’s the video, and below, thanks to Joe Jervis at JoeMyGod, we have the transcript.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Luxembourg Now Has A Gay Prime Minister

Xavier Bettel, right, with his partner Destenay Gauthier. Picture: Facebook Source: Facebook
The tiny country of Luxembourg now has a gay Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and a gay deputy Etienne Schneider.  

Via The Advocate:
Xavier Bettel was selected to form the next coalition government by Grand Duke Henri, the country's head of state, according to BuzzFeed. If the Socialist and Green parties can broker a coalition, he will become the next prime minister. He said he would appoint Etienne Schneider, the gay leader of Luxembourg's Socialist Workers Party, to be the vice-prime minister. 
In addition to strengthening the small country's economy, Bettel said he wanted to bring marriage equality to Luxembourg within his first year in office. 
Bettel said the climate has changed for LGBT politicians since he first entered the field in the late 1990s.
The Advocate report was posted November 18 2013, before Bettel was sworn in today.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Are Dustin Lance Black And Tom Daley A Couple?

Olympic Diver Tom Daley

Academy Award Winner Dustin Lance Black

Olympic Diver Tom Daley ended any speculation yesterday when he posted on Youtube that he is dating a man.  I'm not sure if this means that Tom is gay or bisexual. Now, reports are coming in that that man is Oscar winning writer Dustin Lance Black.  Does that mean that Dustin gets his toaster? Does this make them the new gay power (bottom) couple?  Sorry! It was there for the taking!

Via E Online:
Olympic diver Tom Daley surprised fans yesterday when he came out and told the world via YouTube that he was dating a man. 
Now, everyone is wondering who the lucky guy is. Well, we have the answer...and he's an Oscar winner! 
Sources exclusively tell E! News that Daley has been dating Dustin Lance Black, the 39-year-old writer who won an Academy Award for his screenplay for Milk, the 2008 biopic about gay rights activist legend Harvey Milk (Sean Penn also won an Oscar for playing Milk in the flick).

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hawaii Says Aloha To Gay Marriage And Aloha To Anti Gay Bigotry

I think you can figure out which is which!  Congratulations to the 15th State to make Gay Marriage legal.  They are also making it possible to apply for the license and get married on the same day. Well done, Hawaii!!

Via The Christian Science Monitor:
Retired professors Rod Powell and Bob Eddinger have been partners in life since they met at the University of Hawaii in 1977. On Monday, they joined in marriage on the first day their home state allowed same-sex couples to form such unions. 
Powell, 78, and Eddinger, 74, have raised three children and cared for ailing parents in their 36 years together. They tied the knot on Monday to be among those marking the civil rights milestone for gays and lesbians."I said to Bob, 'Would you choose me again?' And he looked at me and said 'I choose you every day.' And I think that says it all about how we feel about each other," Powell said in an interview before they signed their marriage papers. 
"We chose to do it this day to celebrate it as a very significant forward movement in the transformation of society toward equality and justice," Powell said....
...Hawaii helped start the national gay marriage discussion more than two decades ago when a same-sex couple was denied a marriage license, leading to a court fight that eventually prompted Congress to pass the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. Part of that law, which stipulated that marriage was between a man and woman, was struck down earlier this year by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

The Chicago Gay Hockey Association Video: Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas"

If this doesn't put you in the Holiday Spirit, nothing will!! Adorable!

From their Youtube channel:

The players of the CGHA have a very special holiday message for you!
We want you to put aside your differences. And to spend some time getting closer to your family and friends. If you take a step back and look, you may surprise yourself with how much you have in common with people. The person next to you on the train could become your best friend. After all, aren't we all just looking for love? Don't forget to laugh a little. And sing a little. Happy Holidays y'all! 
The Chicago Gay Hockey Association (CGHA) is Chicago's Official gay hockey organization. The CGHA is a registered 501c-3 organization. | @ChiGayHockey

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Actress Maria Bello Comes Out As Lesbian

This is a surprise to me! I need to have my gaydar recalibrated. Maria Bello has been in some amazing films like "A History Of Violence" and, more recently "Prisoners." Good for her! Congratulations, Maria!  Your son is lucky to have an open and honest mother as a role model!

Via US Weekly:

Maria Bello has come out as gay -- in a big way. The 46-year-old actress revealed she's been in a long-term relationship with her best female friend in a column that was published in the New York Times on Friday, Nov. 29. In the heartfelt passage titled "Coming Out as a Modern Family," the star shared the first time she opened up about her love life to her 12-year-old son Jackson.
One year earlier, Bello -- known for her work in Coyote Ugly and Grown Ups -- decided to give a relationship with her best friend a try. The realization happened when she was reading through her old journals in her California garden."I read about the handful of men and the one woman I had been in romantic relationships with, passages rife with pain and angst. It seemed when I was physically attracted to someone, I would put them in the box of being my 'soul mate' and then be crushed when things didn't turn out as I had hoped," she wrote. 

Young Gay Men Should Look At This World AIDS Day InfoGraphic

So many young people are not protecting themselves from HIV.  Please play safe!!

Click image to open interactive version (via Ammo).
Click image to open interactive version (via Ammo).

USA Network Runs "Modern Family" Promo With 2 Gay Dads And Son

Marvin (left), Daniel (right) and their son Marvin Daniel

Found this at JoeMyGod. Can you hear the right wing heads exploding? Cue the outrage in 3,2,1...

Saturday, November 30, 2013

TMZ Reporting That "The Fast And The Furious" Star Paul Walker Has Died In Fiery Car Crash

Actor Paul Walker: Dead At 40
Wow! He was only 40!

Via TMZ:

Paul Walker -- best known for his role in "The Fast and the Furious" movies -- died Saturday afternoon after a single-car accident and explosion in Southern California ... TMZ has learned. 
The accident happened in Santa Clarita -- north of Los Angeles -- and according to multiple sources connected to Paul ... the actor was in a Porsche when the driver somehow lost control and slammed into a post or a tree ... and then the car burst into flames. 
Several of our sources -- some who are still at the scene of the accident -- tell us Paul and another person in the car were killed. Law enforcement is still on the scene, and we're told the L.A. County Coroner's Office is on the way.

Yes, You Should Exercise! Here Are The Physical & Mental Benefits

completely gratuitous shirtless guys photo

We are 1 month away from the start of New Years Resolutions.  Getting in shape is usually one of the top resolutions that people make. According to LifeHacker, here are the best reasons to do this.

10. You'll Improve Your Memory

9. You'll Have Better Posture

8. You'll Boost Your Confidence

7. You'll De-Stress

6. You'll Sleep Better

5. You'll Have More Energy

4. You'll Have Better Sex

3. You'll Get Sick Less Often

2. You'll Live Longer

1. You'll Just Be Happier

Get the full details at LifeHacker

Friday, November 29, 2013

Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Anti Gay Bigots "Out-Marketed" By Gay Marriage Activists

That cape is fabulous!!
Yes, because the struggle for civil rights is just like selling ketchup! 

In a way, he's right.  Granting gay people who love each other the same rights as straight people is a better pitch than "I don't want them to marry because, eew!!" 

Via JSonline:

New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the Roman Catholic Church has been "outmarketed" on the issue of gay marriage and has been "caricatured as being anti-gay."Dolan, the former Milwaukee archbishop, discussed the church's positions opposing same-sex marriage and abortion in an interview with "Meet the Press" moderator David Gregory that will air Sunday on NBC. 
Gregory noted that Illinois just became the latest U.S. state to legalize gay marriage and asked, "Regardless of the church teachings, do you think this is evolving in such a way that it's ultimately going to be legal everywhere?" 
Or, he asked, will there be "a backlash" against gay marriage?"I think I'd be a Pollyanna to say that there doesn't seem to be kind of a stampede to do this," Dolan said. "I regret that." 
Asked why the church is losing the argument on gay marriage, Dolan responded, "Well, I think maybe we've been outmarketed sometimes. We've been caricatured as being anti-gay." 
He said the church supports "traditional marriage and is not "anti-anybody," adding, "When you have forces like Hollywood, when you have forces like politicians, when you have forces like some opinion-molders that are behind it, it's a tough battle."
Uh, Cardinal...I support "traditional marriage" AND gay marriage.  They aren't mutually exclusive.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper "Comes Out"...Officially

Honestly, I thought he was already out.  Gaydar systems, check!

He made it official on the show to support one of the contestants struggle with being gay and coming out to his father.  That was sweet of him!

Via US Weekly:

Bob Harper had his own revelatory moment on Tuesday's The Biggest Loser. On the Nov. 26 episode of the NBC reality weight loss competition show, the 48-year-old personal trainer came out as gay in order to encourage contestant Bobby Saleem. 
Saleem came out as gay on the show, but struggled to break the news of his sexuality to his father. To help encourage Saleem to come out to his dad, Harper decided to share his own story. 
"I haven't talked about my sexuality on this show ever," Harper explained in a confessional. "And now, meeting Bobby, I really do believe this is the right time. I want to show Bobby that he doesn't have to live in shame."

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Anti Gay Bigot Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy Receiving Equality Award From Atlanta Urban League

This is not an article from The Onion. This is real.  As you can expect, it's not going over very well.  The Urban League of Greater Atlanta defends its decision on its Facebook page by citing all the money he has given to the community.   So, to the Urban League, money = equality.  They are turning a blind eye to all the money Dan Cathy's foundation has given to anti gay organizations around the world.

Via Towle Road:

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is receiving an EQUALITY award from the Urban League of Greater Atlanta at its prestigious Equal Opportunity Day Dinner in November, Fenuxe reports:
 This year’s theme is “Celebrating Champions of Justice and Equality.” 
Honorees of the prestigious recognition this year include Congressman John Lewis, who is truly a shining beacon of equality, civil rights, and justice for all and Chick-fil-A CEO Dan T. Cathy. You may remember Cathy and the statements he made against gay marriage that sparked headlines throughout the world and a boycott of the chicken restaurant. 
Yes, Dan Cathy has since made amends with gay rights activist groups and has stopped donating to organizations that are overtly anti-gay, but his position on gay marriage remains the same. And the corporation is seemingly still donating large sums to organizations like the Marriage & Family Foundation and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which both promote marriage in the ‘biblical sense’ and are strongly and openly opposed to same-sex marriage. 
So, Chick-fil-A has basically taken steps to make themselves look better because it was hurting their business … but nothing really changed.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Funny Video: Throwing Shade Video Podcast Episode 17

This is one of my favorite video podcasts/web series or whatever the kids are calling it these days!  Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson make me giggle...a lot!  The snark meter is working overtime and they play off each other so well! Go girls!!

WARNING: There is NOT SAFE FOR WORK language!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hawaii The Next State To Grant Marriage Equality!!

Hawaii will be the 15th State to grant marriage equality.  This country is becoming SO GAY!! 

Via America Blog:

Gay marriages will begin in Hawaii on December 2, 2013. 
The Hawaii state Senate has just passed legislation legalizing the marriages of gay couples in that state, and Democratic Governor Abercrombie says he will sign the legislation in the morning. 
The legislation goes into effect on December 2, so hopefully the marriages will begin on that date. 
Man, I’m getting dizzy.

Monday, November 4, 2013

NJ Parents Sue To Put Their Son Through Harmful "Conversion Therapy"

Make no mistake; These parents want to mentally abuse their child.  Conversion therapy has been completely discredited, even by conversion therapists.  This "therapy" has been proven to be harmful as well. If some idiot parent believes that arsenic is an effective drug for their child, should a doctor be allowed to administer it?

Via Towle Road:
New Jersey's ban on gay conversion therapy--signed into law by New Jersey's Republican anti-marriage equality governor, Chris Christie just a little over two months ago--is facing a new lawsuit filed by a couple arguing that their constitutional rights are being infringed upon since they cannot pursue treatment for their 15-year-old son.  
The AP reports:
The suit filed in federal court in Camden on Friday is at least the second to attack the law. A separate suit that names two licensed therapists among its plaintiffs awaits a judge's ruling, said Demetrios Stratis, an attorney involved in both cases.The unidentified New Jersey couple claim in their suit that the law violates their rights to free speech and freedom of religion, as well as their 14th Amendment right to equal protection, by "denying minors the opportunity to pursue a particular course of action that can help them address the conflicts between their religious and moral values and same-sex attractions, behaviors or identity."

Another Anti-Gay Religious Leader Admits To Extramarital Affair

FormerVision Forum Ministries Leader Doug Phillips - Still leader of Vision Forum Inc. 
I've never even heard of this one.  Seriously, if you job is to tell people that society the gays will destroy the family, shouldn't you not destroy YOUR family?!

Via Right Wing Watch:
Doug Phillips of Vision Forum and Vision Forum Ministries resigned last week over an extramarital affair. 
“There has been serious sin in my life for which God has graciously brought me to repentance. I have confessed my sin to my wife and family, my local church, and the board of Vision Forum Ministries. I engaged in a lengthy, inappropriate relationship with a woman. While we did not “know” each other in a Biblical sense, it was nevertheless inappropriately romantic and affectionate.” 
Phillips is the son of late conservative activist Howard Phillips and a leading advocate of Christian Reconstructionism and the patriarchal, anti-birth control Quiverfull.Kathryn Joyce in Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement calls Phillips “one of the most influential proponents of the conservative Christian patriarchy movement now flourishing among homeschoolers.”
So, the "Christian patriarchy movement" needs to seriously take a good look in the mirror instead of blaming "the gays".  Yeah, that will happen!

U.S. Rep And Gov. Candidate Mike Michaud Comes Out As Gay

Congressman Mike Michaud

He is currently running for Maine Governor and there have been rumors and "whisper campaigns" by his opponents.  If elected, he will be the first Openly Gay Governor in the U.S.

Via Towleroad:

U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, (D-ME) who is also running for governor of Maine, came out of the closet today in response to "whisper campaigns, insinuations and push-polls some of the people opposed to my candidacy have been using to raise questions about [his] personal life".Writes Michaud in a Portland Press Herald op-ed:
"They want people to question whether I am gay. Allow me to save them the trouble with a simple, honest answer: 'Yes I am. But why should it matter?'"

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Barilla Tells Gay People Don't Buy Our Pasta

Guido Barilla
O.K., Then...Done.

Via The Independent:

Gay rights groups are calling for a boycott of the world’s biggest pasta maker Barilla after the company’s chairman said he would never use homosexual couples in his advertisements.

Guido Barilla, whose firm has almost half the Italian pasta market and a quarter of that in the US, told Italy’s La Zanzara radio show last night: “I would never do an advert with a homosexual family…if the gays don’t like it they can go an eat another brand. 
“For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the fundamental values of the company.”
He added: “Everyone has the right to do what they want without disturbing those around them”. But then the pasta magnate upped the ante by attacking gay adoption. “I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose," he said.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Russian MP Alexei Zhuravlev: Take Away Children Of Gay Parents

Russian MP Alexei Zhuravlev

 He thinks that these children are better off in an orphanage. This is the face of evil.

Via GayStarNews:

When asked if a single mother is discovered to be gay, and if it was necessary to take that child to live at an orphanage, the politician said he had ‘no doubts’. 
‘Of course she should definitely be deprived of her rights to the child,’ he said.‘Homosexuals must not raise children. They corrupt them. They do them much more harm than if the child were in an orphanage. I am deeply convinced of this.’ 
There is considered to be around 700,000 Russian children in orphanages, with several having a very poor quality of life. If street children are included, that number goes up to 3.2 million.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Did Anti Gay Marriage Pastor Matt Prater Change His Bio To "Hide" His Divorce?

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made minced meat of Pastor Matt Prater by pointing out his biblical hypocrisy.  It now seems that Pastor Prater is trying to minimize the fact that he is divorced and remarried.

Here is a screen shot of a cached version of the site from August 27th, 2013.

The first paragraph was:

"Carol and I were married on May 17, 2003. I have three children: Lydia, Joshua and Grace. Lydia is from my first marriage and lives with her mum on the south side of Brisbane. She stays with us every second weekend, and most school holidays."

This is a current screen shot of his bio page at

The first sentence now reads:

 "Carol and I were married on May 17, 2003. I have three children: Lydia, Joshua and Grace."

Where did the reference to his first marriage go?  Why was this changed?  The timing is interesting, to say the least!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Aussie PM Kevin Rudd Makes The Case For Marriage Equality

Pastor Matt Prater looking a bit flummoxed by common sense

This is one of the best arguments by a politician that I have heard for gay marriage!  Thank you, Kevin for standing up for marriage equality!

Mr Rudd turned feisty after first attempting to calmly explain to the ABC Q&A audience his conversion to support same sex marriage. 
"If you call yourself a Christian why don't you believe the words of Jesus in the Bible?" Pastor Matt Prater then asked. 
"Well mate, if I was going to have that view, the Bible also says that slavery is a natural condition," Mr Rudd replied, to extended applause. 
"St Paul said in the New Testament, 'Slaves be obedient to your masters'.
"Therefore we should have all fought for the Confederacy in the US civil war? For goodness' sake."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hilarious Video: Dan Savage on Real Time With Bill Maher

Grover Norquist is NOT amused!! 

This is why I love Dan Savage!  He points out the obvious and frames the argument so well! Watching Grover Norquist's reaction to Dan's statement about trying to inseminate his husband is reason enough to watch this video.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Are Fundamentalist Christians Victims of Mental Abuse?

Watch this video of Dr. Jim Standridge, 76, of Immanuel Baptist Church in Skiatook, OK and ask yourself that question.  In my opinion, fear is what drives right-wing extremist's motivations.  That is why they hate gays, and foreigners and anyone different from themselves.  Is that also why they stay in situations like this?

Would any self-respecting human being not stand up and walk out of that church after being told that they are "not worth 15 cents?"   Apparently, the "Big Boy" did get up and leave.  Good for him!  I would love to hear what the other people he berates in this video think about it.  

When all you have is fear and intimidation to keep your church together, haven't you already lost the "spiritual battle?"

Via RawStory:
Baptist preachers have a reputation for being blunt and direct — and sometimes boisterous — but a pastor in Oklahoma has taken it to a whole new level. 
Dr. Jim Standridge, 76, of Immanuel Baptist Church in Skiatook declared, “I’m important, I’m somebody!” after he noticed one of his congregants was napping during his morning sermon. He proceeded to walk up to the sleepy congregant, and briefly continued his condemnation of napping before he moved on to a new victim. 
“I noticed on the calender supposed to marry ya’ll,” Standridge said to another congregant as he walked down the pew aisle. “What makes you think I’d marry you? You’re one of the sorriest church members I have. You’re not worth 15 cents. And you want me to marry you to her?”

What a "Drama Queen!" Some one's got some serious self-esteem issues and is taking it out on an entire congregation...How Christian!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ask ALL Your Friends: Is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham Gay?

Senator Lindsey Graham with his "Bitch, Please!" face.

He is a very effeminate, never been married, homophobe who is actively and aggressively legislating against gay rights.  This most recent occasion involves screwing gay immigrants with gay American partners in upcoming immigration legislation.

Recent studies have suggested that many homophobic men may be closet cases, acting out of internalized homophobia, and self loathing.

Effeminate...Never Been Married...Homophobe... That's 3 strikes right there.  That would be my guess.  I don't have any proof of this. Only my opinion.

But, there is enough speculation.  I think EVERYONE should be asking the question: Is Lindsey Graham Gay?

Via AmericaBlog:

It’s time to finally out Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). 
Graham has had it coming for a while now. Not because he’s a Republican. But because he’s an anti-gay Republican. And while it’s one thing to be gay and a closet case, it’s quite another to be a hypocrite, an anti-gay gay, someone who uses his power to harm others in the name of morality, all the while knowing secretly that heis one of the others. 
In this case, Graham’s hypocrisy that broke the camel’s back is immigration reform. I have it on good authority from someone intimately involved in the immigration reform process that Lindsey Graham is the central reason that the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), which would help stop the forced deportation of foreign-born gay spouses, is being blocked from being added to the immigration bill. While other Senators might be bluffing about their opposition to addressing the immigration needs of gay binational couples in immigration reform, I’m told Graham isn’t bluffing. 
The obvious question arises as to why Graham is holding gays hostage in the immigration bill.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Frightening Video: Georgian Orthodox Priests Incite Violence At Georgian Gay Rights March

(AP Photo/Shakh Aivazov)

Make sure you share this so people understand it's not just about marriage and employment in other parts of the world.  It is literally about life and deaf for LGBT communities there.

This is truly frightening to watch!  The sheer mass of hatred attacking the yellow van carrying gay rights activist.  Imagine yourself in that van, trying to escape.

This was led by Orthodox priests.  Here's to Christian love and understanding.

Via AmericaBlog:
It’s a horrific video.  Thousands – perhaps tens of thousands – of former-Soviet Georgians rioting in the streets of Tbilisi, attacking a small handful of gay rights protesters holding a rally for the International Day Against Homophobia.The video is just horrific.  Crowds were shouting “Kill them! Tear them to pieces!” and “Where are they? Don’t leave them alive!”

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

All Of New England Now Has Marriage Equality!

Another great day for marriage equality!  Thanks, New England!!

Rhode Island is joining nine other states and the District of Columbia in allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry after the state's General Assembly gave it a final procedural vote on Thursday. 
Gov. Lincoln Chafee planned to sign the legislation into law Thursday evening. Hundreds are expected to gather at the Statehouse to celebrate the new law, which already passed the House and Senate once. The first weddings could take place Aug. 1, when the new law would take effect. 
The other five New England states already have gay marriage, but bills that would have changed marriage laws in heavily Catholic Rhode Island sputtered for nearly 20 years until this year. More gay marriage supporters were elected to the legislature last fall, and advocates mounted an aggressive lobbying campaign to pressure undecided lawmakers. 
The House passed the bill in January at the behest of House Speaker Gordon Fox, D-Providence, who is gay. The Senate was seen as the bigger challenge, but the bill passed easily last week after Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed, D-Newport, said she would allow a vote despite her opposition to gay marriage. The House gave final approval Thursday with a 56-15 vote.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mississippi High School Forces Christian Lectures On Students

They literally blocked the students from leaving.  This is the opposite of religious freedom.  This is religious tyranny, brought to you by the same people who say we are denying them religious liberty by demanding our rights as gay Americans.  Their definition of religious liberty is to force their beliefs on everyone else. Not gonna happen!!

Via Raw Story:

A high school in central Mississippi allegedly forced students to watch a Christian video and listen to church officials preach about Jesus Christ. 
The American Humanist Association’s legal center filed a lawsuit against Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood on Wednesday, accusing the school of violating the student’s First Amendment rights. 
The school has held at least three mandatory assemblies about finding hope in Jesus Christ this month, according to the lawsuit. The assemblies showed a video laced with Christian messages about overcoming personal hardships through Jesus Christ and were allegedly led by local church officials.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Congratulations Ellen Degeneres! 16 Years Out And Proud!!

She has been a class act her entire career!  Thank you, Ellen for being so brave and such an inspiration!! 
Few careers have seen the extreme highs and lows that Ellen DeGeneres' has. The talk-show host and comedian is veritably on top of the world right now -- and has been for several years. But that comes as a stark contrast to the sharp downturn her career saw in 1997 after she revealed that she is gay. 
This time 16 years ago, DeGeneres unveiled her big secret on what has now become a famous cover of TIME magazine, plastered with the words "Yep, I'm gay." The funny lady didn't work for three years following her admission, and it took a few more for her to officially redeem her A-list stature in the public eye, which came largely thanks to her hilarious turn in "Finding Nemo" and the debut of her eponymous talk show.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cardinal Dolan: Gays Only "Entitled To Friendship", Not Marriage

Cardinal Dolan
It's quite interesting and amusing to watch the parallels of the Catholic leadership's and the GOP's inability to "evolve" quickly enough to keep up with the dramatically shifting opinion on gay marriage.  Cardinal Dolan does not speak for the majority of his U.S. congregation.

Via Think Progress: 

Cardinal Timothy Dolan told ABC’s This Week on Sunday that gay people are entitled to “friendship” but not a long-last romantic relationship in the eyes of the Catholic Church.
Appearing on the program following oral arguments at the Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of two laws targeting gay and lesbian couples, Dolan said that the Church should treat same-sex couples with love, while reminding them that “sexual love…is intended only for a man and a woman”:
GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (HOST): And you know, especially this week – because it’s been at the top of the news – for many gay and lesbian Americans –– gay and lesbian Catholics, they feel unwelcome –– in the Church. And what do you say as a minister, as a pastor – to a gay couple that comes to you and say, “We love God. We love the Church. But we also love each other, and we –– want to raise a family in faith. What do you say to them?
DOLAN: Well, the first thing I’d say to them is, “I love you, too. And God loves you. And you are made in God’s image and likeness. And – and we – we want your happiness. But – and you’re entitled to friendship.” But we also know that God has told us that the way to happiness, that – especially when it comes to sexual love – that is intended only for a man and woman in marriage, where children can come about naturally. We gotta be – we gotta do better to see that our defense of marriage is not reduced to an attack on gay people. And I admit, we haven’t been too good at that.