Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Newsflash: Pastor Rick Warren Is still A Homophobic Dick

What's going on here?!
Oh, Rick.  Poor Rick!  A man who is filled with such hate claims to be a man of Love.  The saddest part is, I think he thinks he's right.  Poor Rick!
Via Raw Story we learn that religious right mega-church leader,who sadly gave the invocation at President Obama’s swearing in, is back to his old hateful ways.
Warren, who famously supported Prop 8 in California four years ago – a referendum that repealed the right to marry for gay couples in the state – is yet again saying hateful, bigoted things about gay people. It’s in his nature.
Megachurch pastor Rick Warren on Tuesday night said that same sex relationships would still be sinful even if they were natural.
“It wouldn’t bother me if there was a ‘gay gene’ found,” he told CNN host Piers Morgan.
“Here’s what we know about life,” Warren continued. “I have all kinds of natural feelings in my life and it doesn’t necessarily mean that I should act on every feeling. Sometimes I get angry and feel like punching a guy in the nose. That doesn’t mean I act on it. Sometimes I feel attracted to women who are not my wife. I don’t act on it. Just because I have a feeling doesn’t make it right. Not everything natural is good for me. Arsenic is natural.”

Monday, November 26, 2012

Carnival Cruises Bans Passenger Drag...On A "Drag Cruise"!!

Photo via Al And Chuck Travel

Think of the children!!!  What would happen to their fragile young minds if they saw a man in a dress?  Uh...children don't care about who is in a dress or who is gay.  They are taught by their homophobic parents that it is wrong.

Think of the parents!!!...and the money they spend!!!

Via AmericaBlog:

Multiple passengers, who say they have tickets for Carnival Cruises’ upcoming “Drag Stars at Sea” cruise, say Carnival sent them an email informing them that passengers will be banned form dressing in drag on the drag cruise, under penalty of being kicked of the cruise.

Carnival’s reason? Suffer the children!
Carnival attracts a number of families with children and for this reason; we strive to present a family friendly atmosphere. It is important to us that all guests are comfortable with every aspect of the cruise. Although we realize this group consists solely of adults, we nonetheless expect all guests to recognize that minors are onboard and, refrain from engaging in inappropriate conduct in public areas.
Arrangements have been made for drag performances in the main theater featuring stars from LOGO TV. These functions will be private and only the performers are permitted to dress in drag while in the theater. Guests are not allowed to dress in drag for the performances or in public areas at any time during the cruise.
We’re sorry to say that any guest who violates our policies and/or whose behavior affects the comfort and enjoyment of other guests, will be disembarked at their own expense and no refund will be given.
It really looks worse when you see the "alleged" email that was sent to the passengers.

Wow!!  "Fuck off, faggots" has never sounded so nice!!  I think "Vicky" needs a raise!

UPDATE! Via Americablog:

Carnival is now apparently claiming that the ban on drag during the drag cruise is because of post-9/11 security restrictions.  Uh huh.  And that’s why straight passengers on non-gay Carnival cruises report wearing costumes all over the ship and NOT receiving the same security warning that gay passengers got for their drag cruise.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

American Family Association Advocates Prison For All Gay Americans

In praising Uganda passing new anti gay legislation, Brian Fischer of the AFA states that the same can be done again in the U.S.  He wants to go back to when gays were prosecuted for being gay.  This is what the enemy looks like.

Thanks to JoeMyGod for the hat tip:

He rightly points out that:

Homosexuality is just as illegal in Uganda today as it ever was, but don't let pesky little facts interfere with the American Family Association's crusade to see every LGBT American thrown in prison.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rupaul's Drag Race, Season 5 Is Gearing Up: Video Preview

Rupaul's Drag Race season 5 is already being previewed on Logo. I love me some drag race and this season looks like we got some hot drag queens waiting for their close up!

Via Huffington Post:

We can't get enough of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and though the "All Star" season isn't even over yet, season five's fresh-faced queens -- or should we say goddesses -- are already poised to take the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar."
In the slideshow below and the video above you can get your first look at the 14 queens who will be serving up their "charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent."

Check out all the season 5 contestants at Logo's website!

Friday, November 23, 2012

2 Gay Pilgrims Faced The Death Penalty

Artist Annie Bissett's God Blesses John Alexander and John Roberts, 1637
Another example of gay history finally being revealed.  For thousands of years, our history has been buried, burned, ignored and even changed to hide our existence.  The more we speak out, the more we are remembered.  

Hat tip to Back2Stonewall for the article:

PLYMOUTH - In the summer of 1637, two working men at the English colony at Plymouth faced the possibility of execution, convicted of what the law books said was a grave moral crime. John Alexander and Thomas Roberts had been caught in a homosexual relationship.

Court records from their case, and from a handful of others, are the only keyhole through which researchers at the Plimoth Plantation museum can peek backward through time to imagine the lives of the colony’s gays and lesbians.

On Saturday, at the second annual Out at Plimoth Plantation event, the living museum of Colonial and Native American history will present special programs on gay history of the 17th and 18th centuries in early American culture...

What happened to John Alexander and Thomas Roberts?

...“At first glance you would think that 17th-century New Englanders would be very harsh,’’ said Pickering. But both men were spared execution, and in time Roberts was allowed to own land and to vote. “Even though there are statutes, in the enactment of the law they are much more gentle.’’ It may have been that the colony needed every pair of hands and couldn’t afford to lose both workers, or that in a tiny community of a few hundred, the judges would have known the defendants personally and were reluctant to send neighbors to their deaths.

Give The Salvation Army These Vouchers Instead Of Cash

We all know that the salvation army is an avidly anti-gay organization.  What you can do is send them a message in a peaceful way.  Now you can download a voucher to print out and put in The Salvation Army donation buckets.  Simply click on the image, then save the image or print it out and cut into 3 vouchers.

Via AmericaBlog:

Many people don’t realize that the Salvation Army is a nasty, bigoted, anti-gay, far-right evangelical church.  Read it in their own words – I copied this from the Salvation Army’s Australia Web site a few years back:

“[Homosexual activity is] as rebellion against God’s plan for the created order…. Homosexual practice, however, is, in the light of Scripture, clearly unacceptable. Such activity is chosen behaviour and is thus a matter of the will. It is therefore able to be directed or restrained in the same way heterosexual urges are controlled. Homosexual practice would render any person ineligible for full membership (soldiership) in the [Salvation] Army.” – Salvation Army Australia Web site (emphasis added)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hot Shirtless Military Guys Lip Sync Carly Rae Jepsen’s "Call Me Maybe" Video

You know what I am grateful for!  Happy Thanksgiving and I know you will enjoy!!

Found at

At first we were bowled over that a group of hot-looking servicemen were willing to “go there” in a homage video forCarly Rae Jepsen’s song of summer, “Call Me Maybe.” Then we learned it was actually a scene-by-scene re-creation of a similar video made by the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.
Hey, whatever machinations you guys have to go through to make it okay to do stuff like this is fine with us.

Take My Girlfriend, Please: Gay Marriage Threat & Straight Response Videos

Both videos are very funny!  First, the gay guys threaten to marry the girlfriend of any straight guy who doesn't support marriage equality.

Not to be outdone, the straight boyfriends respond "Please!! Marry our girlfriends!"

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rachel Maddow Tries To Burst The Conservative "Fake Reality" Bubble

But, will they listen?  That is the question.  Reports are coming out that Romney and company were "shellshocked" because they did not realize that they could possibly lose.  They bought into the belief that all the polls, both national and state by state, were skewed in favor of democrats.  They thought they had the enthusiasm edge based on...nothing.  It follows in the footsteps of climate denial, birtherism, intelligent design etc...Facts do not get in the way of their beliefs until it is too late.

Rachel Maddow's video should be a wake up call for them.  Will it be?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

GOP: Hurricane Sandy Means God Wants Obama To Win?

Hailey Barbour on CNN blaming Romney's
lost momentum Hurricane Sandy
The latest republican narrative about why Mitt Romney lost his momentum is that Hurricane Sandy diverted attention away from the "awful economy".

First, this is not true.  Romney's momentum was lost even before the hurricane.  Markos Moulitsos at DailyKoz proves that point quite well.

But the most curious thing about this narrative is the ongoing GOP thinking on natural disasters.  The fringe and not so fringe elements of the right are always blaming natural distasters on groups and policies they disagree with.   How many times have we heard that God is punishing the gays by sending earthquakes and hurricanes... and locusts?  So, it stands to reason that if God sends calamitous weather to make a point and if that calamitous weather is benefiting President Obama...well, you do the meteorology!!  God is endorsing Obama!!

Rabbi Noson Leiter blaming gay marriage on
Hurricane Sandy
Even if the loss of momentum did come after the hurricane, Mitt's previous statements about getting rid of FEMA and diverting those funds to let each state deal with their own crisis caused its own damage.  Imagine a state dealing with a hurricane with equipment and resources that are currently underwater.  Great idea, Mitt!

Now, keep in mind the election has not happened yet.  Obama is favored, but anything can happen.  Whatever the outcome, I'm sure the wingnuts will twist the narrative to suit their psychosis.  So, let's do the same thing.  If Obama wins, we lefties can thank God!  If he loses, we can blame nature...or something.  I'll let you know when I figure out the logic.