Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen: Inspired By ISIS Or Gay Self-Loathing Closet Case?

Omar Mateen
A lot more information is coming to light about the Pulse Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen:

Via JoeMyGod: Several of the regular patrons of Pulse say Omar has been a customer on and off for years.

Via TowleRoad: A former classmate of Mateen says he thought he was gay and Mateen asked him out on a date.

Via CBS: Omar's father is anti-gay and says "God will punish those involved in homosexuality."

So, maybe this is more about a self-loathing closet case who's family's extreme religious beliefs made him so unstable, it caused him to do something this horrific!  Maybe his declaration of allegiance to ISIS was a way for him to justify this need to attack what he saw in himself.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gunmen Kills 50 At Orlando Gay Night Club. Worst Mass Shooting In US History

photo via JoeMyGod
From CNN:

"Fifty people were killed inside Pulse, a gay nightclub, Orlando Police Chief John Mina and other officials said Sunday morning, just hours after a shooter opened fire in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.
At least 53 more people were injured, Mina said. Police have shot and killed the gunman, he told reporters.
    "'It's appears he was organized and well-prepared," the chief said, adding that the shooter had an assault-type weapon, a handgun and "some type of (other) device on him.'"
    Update Via NBC:
    "NBC's Pete Williams says investigators name Omar Mateen, 29, as the suspected shooter at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning. The shooter was shot and killed by police after opening fire in an Orlando night club that left around 20 people dead."

    Saturday, May 28, 2016

    French Priest Who Wrote Vatican's Anti-Gay Guidelines Accused Of Sex With Male Seminarians

    Monsignor Tony Anatrella
    Seriously! It's official...at least in my mind. If you are vocally homophobic in western society, you might as well take out a full page ad proclaiming that you're a self-loathing closet case. It's glaringly obvious!

    Via TowleRoad:

    "A French priest who has written disparagingly about gay people and acted as a counselor to student and novice priests struggling with their sexuality has been accused of having sex with male clients....

    ...He wrote an article in the Vatican daily, L’Osservatore Romano, stating that homosexuality was “like an incompleteness and a profound immaturity of human sexuality.” He argued that homosexuality is “a problem in the psychic organization” and said that for theological reasons the Catholic Church can only ordain “men mature in their masculine identity.”

    Thursday, March 31, 2016

    Report: Saudi Arabia Seeking Death Penalty For Coming Out Online

    US Secretary of State John Kerry with the King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. (Photo public domain) - See more at: http://www.washingtonblade.com/2014/06/26/sexually-stifled-kingdom/#sthash.VPV7yEOn.dpuf

    One of our closest allies in the region is executing people for being gay. We give them billions of dollars. What are we doing?

    Via The Washington Blade:

    A published report indicates that people who come out online in Saudi Arabia could face the death penalty.

    Oraz, a Saudi newspaper, reported on Saturday that prosecutors in the city of Jiddah have proposed the penalty in response to dozens of cases they have prosecuted over the last six months. These include 35 people who received prison sentences for sodomy.

    Okaz reported that Jiddah authorities have prosecuted 50 cases in which men allegedly dressed as women. A doctor who lives in the port city on the Red Sea has been released on bail after officials arrested him for allegedly raising an LGBT Pride flag over his home.

    A gay Saudi man who lives outside the kingdom told the Washington Blade on Monday during a telephone interview the enhanced penalties that Jiddah prosecutors have proposed would apply to the entire country. The man, who operates a Twitter account that publishes LGBT-specific news and other information from Saudi Arabia, said the proposal has caused fear among LGBT people in the country.