Is High School Student Seth Groody A Self Loathing Closet Case?

Seth Groody: Against Gay Marriage
I can't say for sure.  I have no proof one way or another.  However, studies show that many men who express homophobia tend to have same sex attraction.  When a "straight" guy goes out of his way to scream how much he opposes gay rights, its as if he is announcing to the world that he secretly craves cock.  I don't know if this is the case for Seth Groody.  I can say that it makes me question his motivations for being so openly homophobic.  Most straight guys, who are secure in their heterosexuality, don't act like Seth has acted.  It makes me wonder whether Seth will soon join the long list of closet-case anti gay hypocrites
A US high school is no longer forcing a student to do away with his anti-gay apparel.Seth Groody of Wolcott High School in Connecticut was originally requested by his school  to remove an anti-gay t-shirt he wore on last year's 'Day of Silence', a new campaign to raise awareness of discrimination and bullying against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. The front of Groody's shirt had a slash across a rainbow and immediately caught the attention of the school's administrators. 
Groody was originally threatened with suspension for wearing the shirt, but when the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) threatened to sue the school for infringing on the student's constitutional right to free speech, Wolcott High School backed down. The school decided this month to allow Groody to wear the shirt as he pleases. 
In an interview with NBC Connecticut, Groody said he and his friends intend to wear the shirts on the upcoming National Day of Silence recognized on 19 April. 
'I just don't approve of gay marriage, and that is what I was advocating on that day,' Groody said. 
'I was expressing my views I was against that'.


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