Washington Gay Couple: From Bearded Bears To Brooks Brothers

The dapper bears

These guys clean up nice!! Once again, congratulations!!
Larry Duncan and Randell Shepherd never expected to become Internet celebrities, but when a photo of the two bearded men wearing matching plaid was posted to Reddit last week, they became the latest, greatest image of what marriage equality can look like.
Duncan, a retired psychiatric nurse, and Shepherd, a computer programmer, had been together for 11 years when they raised their hands in tandem to obtain the 72nd marriage license handed out to gay couples in the state of Washington, according to NBC News.
Now, pictures of the couple's wedding ceremony have been released.
Swapping out their camouflage caps and plaid shirts for snazzy suits (they kept the beards of course), the two were married at 2 p.m. Sunday at Seattle First Baptist Church in a group ceremony with 24 other couples, according to photographer Meryl Schenker.


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