Matt Baume Brilliantly Debunks NOM's Bigoted Claims

This is the first time I have watched any of Matt Baum's marriage equality videos.  My thinking was that I didn't need convincing so, why watch them?  O.K., sometimes I'm stupid...this is one of those times.  I should have been watching and recommending his videos all along!

Via Unicorn Booty:

Matt Baume has busied himself with debunking bigoted attacks and legal challenges to same-sex marriage for years now, but man-oh-man has he created a masterpiece this time around. 

In all honesty, Matt’s levelheaded takedown of a NOM commercial that’s been polluting the interwebs in the final days leading up to Election Day could be used in history classes someday in the future to illustrate how those of us standing on the right side of the florescent pink fence met those who defamed us, locked us up, and did their damndest to strip us of all human dignity with the cool confidence that only comes with knowing you are right (and that your opponents are morons).


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