Tell California Governor To Sign Ban On Anti Gay Reparative Therapy For Minors

There's no on-off switch for gays
Governor Brown needs to hear from pro gay advocates to sign this bill.  SB 1172 would ban all the harmful ex-gay therapies for California minors.  These therapies have been proven to be both ineffective and harmful.   Make your voice heard! 

Via TowleRoad:

A bill which was passed on August 30 that would ban harmful "ex-gay" therapy for minors has been sitting on Governor Jerry Brown's desk since then, and he has until midnight on Sunday to sign it.
The Courage Campaign writes:

At any moment, Gov. Brown will make a decision on SB 1172. It's a bill, sponsored by Sen. Ted Lieu, that would end psychological abuse of minors in California by preventing ex-gay "therapy" from being performed on them by deceitful mental health professionals -- the kind of therapy that can lead to alienation, depression, and LGBT kids taking their own lives.

Gov. Brown is under pressure from conservative, anti-gay organizations to veto the bill in an election year -- and he needs to hear from YOU. He has until Sept. 30th to sign SB 1172, he could sign or veto the bill today.

Sign the Courage Campaign's petition here.


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