Are Chick Fil A Protests Counterproductive? Hell No!!

The Greensboro four protesting for dignity
Since the Mike Huckabee Chick Fil A appreciation day on Wednesday, many gay activists have questioned the wisdom of protesting Chick Fil A's financial support of hate groups.  I can't believe I had to write that sentence!

Granted, the homophobes won the battle by "framing" this as both a fight against freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  How dare we threaten the economic livelihoods of all those Chick Fil A employees because of the CEO's voicing of his "biblically based beliefs".  Should we even be making a big deal over a chicken sandwich? Once again, this is not about a chicken sandwich.  This is about demanding respect for who we are.  This is about calling out any group that actively fights against our rights, whether they make a chicken sandwich or collect change at shopping malls.

Guy Branum writes very eloquently about this point by comparing it to the silly things that were protested over by the African American community during the civil rights era and Ghandi in his battle for rights in India.  They chose ordinary circumstances to point out the injustice they faced every day.  It is very much worth the read.

Via Huffington Post:

In 1960, there was no legal barrier to a black man becoming president. From a federal legal perspective, distinctions based on race were officially nearly non-existent. But black people couldn't sit at the lunch counter at the Woolworth's in Greensboro, North Carolina, and that was a problem. African Americans could still get food from Woolworth's, it's not like this issue was any actual impediment to their lives. It was just an indignity, an indignity that re-instantiated a stratified culture, that told every kid, black and white, growing up in Greensboro that African Americans didn't matter. In 1960, four men declared they would no longer suffer that stupid little indignity, and it helped change the world.

Don't let anyone tell you this was not worth it.  It is very much worth telling the world that this man is wrong, that this corporation harms the gay community by donating to hate groups and saying that gay marriage is destroying America will not be ignored.  


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