Anti Gay Pastor Convicted Of Public Masturbation

Convicted Public Masturbator Grant Storm
Wow!  This "man of God" who crusaded against the annual gay festival "Southern Decadence" in New Orleans was, in fact, partaking in his own little version of southern decadence.  In the video below, Cenk Uygur makes the point that the loudest preachers of "morality" are usually the most depraved members of the religious right.  This is, once again, proven correct.

Via Huffington Post:

A prominent Louisiana-based Christian pastor known for his anti-gay stance was convicted of obscenity yesterday after beingcaught masturbating at a public park near a children's playground last year.
As reports, Rev. Grant Storm was sentenced to three years' probation after the incident in Lafreniere Park. Storm is quoted as calling public masturbation "a thrill" in his confession. However, despite an eyewitness account cited by the New Orleans Times-Picayune which stated that 55-year-old pastor had been "looking at the playground area that contained children playing, with his zipper down" at the time of his arrest, authorities denied any suspicions that he was a pedophile.
"Lafreniere Park is a public place," Judge Ross LaDart is quoted as saying when he announced the verdict, according to the publication. "Lafreniere Park is a place that was chosen by this defendant to engage in a history of masturbation."


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