Kansas Pastor Curtis Knapp Wants The Government To Kill Gays...Really

He looks kind of gay to me
The death rattle of the anti gay extremists continues.  The acceptance of gays and lesbians in this country is increasing quicker than they can recruit more haters.  They know it and they are becoming more extreme and vocal.  It's kind of illogical and counter productive since history is a viscous judge of hatred.   I guess logic is nowhere to be found when it comes to internalized homophobia.

Via Queerty:

What the bejeebus is up with the sudden onslaught of extremist preachers calling for the mass genocide of gays? An audio clip of Pastor Curtis Knapp of New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas calls for a — *ahem* — final solution to “the curse of homosexuality.” Cutting in somewhere in the middle of his sermon cum hate speech, the pastor says:
And should be put to death. That’s what happened in Israel. That’s why homosexuality wouldn’t have grown in Israel. It tends to limit conversions. It tends to limit people coming out of the closet.
‘Oh, so you’re saying we should go out and start killing them?’
No. I’m saying the government should. They won’t, but they should.
He said put them to death. Shall the church drag them in? No, I’m not say that. The church has not been given the power of the sort; the government has. But the government ought to [kill them]. You got a better idea? A better idea than God?


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