Is Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) Gay?

Seriously?! This guy is straight?!!
The reason I ask this is because Rep. Lankford thinks being gay is a choice.  And because it is a choice, he doesn't believe that the LGBT community should protected from workplace discrimination.  He thinks being gay is a choice.  So, does he think being straight is a choice?  Did he choose to live a straight life?  Could he have chosen to be gay?

The most recent studies prove that homophobic men may very well be closet cases themselves.  Could this be the case for Rep. Lankford? Obviously, I can't say for sure.  Does opposing employment non-descrimination for the LGBT community mean someone is a homophobe.  My opinion is yes.  So, that is why I ask the question "Is Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) Gay?"

Via Think Progress:

In a conversation on Capitol Hill, Lankford expressed his strong belief that being gay is a choice, and that LGBT workers should not be protected from workplace discrimination because it’s something they can change. “You don’t walk up to someone on the street and look at them and say, ‘gay or straight?’” Lankford said:
STRASSER: Would you support a law that says you can’t fire someone for their sexual orientation –
KEYES: Similar to protections for people on race or gender?
LANKFORD: Well, you’re now dealing with behavior and I’m trying to figure out exactly what you’re trying to mean by that. Because you’re dealing with — race and sexual preferences are two different things. One is a behavior-related and preference-related and one is something inherently — skin color, something obvious, that kind of stuff. You don’t walk up to someone on the street and look at them and say, “Gay or straight?”
KEYES: But you think that even if you can’t see they’re that way, you don’t think someone is born gay necessarily?
LANKFORD: Do I personally? No. I don’t. I think it’s a choice issue. Are tendencies and such? Yes. But I think it’s a choice issue.


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