Do You Think This Pro Gay Marriage Video Is Effective For Its Intended Audience?

John Avarosis at AmericaBlog thinks this U.K. video may miss the mark.  He thinks it may turn off the intended audience that it is trying to convince by showing a very tender kiss between the 2 men.  I disagree.  I think the video does a great job of "humanizing" both men before the kiss.  It takes its time to portray the emotional expressions of both men during this homecoming. I think anyone can identify with either one of the two.  The kiss that follows only reinforces the emotion that we have already seen and identified with.  I think the ad works, not just for gays but for anyone that is "ready" to be convinced.

Also, the kiss takes place after a marriage proposal.  Without the kiss, the scene would seem fake.  It would seem too self-aware, trying too hard to be "acceptable".  Including the kiss is a very clever way of showing how natural the situation is.  Love is Love and a marriage proposal, if accepted, is always followed by a kiss.

What do you think?  Will this ad work for straight people "on the fence" about gay marriage?  Leave and comment to discuss.


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