Gay Costa Rican Man's Deportation Temporarily Blocked Because Of His Gay Marriage

David Gonzalez and Mario Ramirez
This happened in TEXAS!  Things are definitely getting better for the LGBT community in the U.S.  He would have never been in the process of deportation if he were married to an American woman.  This brings us another step closer to having our relationships equally recognized by the government.  

Via The Advocate:

A gay Costa Rican immigrant in Texas has won a reprieve from deportation because of his marriage to an American man, in what is reportedly the first such ruling in that state.

A Houston immigration judge Thursday ended the deportation proceedings against David Gonzalez, who married U.S. citizen Mario Ramirez in California in 2008, during the brief period legal same-sex marriages were available there, the Houston Chronicle reports. They later moved to Texas.

The case is “the first in Texas to end in a reprieve based in large part on a same-sex marriage to a U.S. citizen,” the Chronicle reports. There have been similar actions involving married gay binational couples in California, New Jersey, and other states.

“It’s great news,” Immigration Equality spokesman Steve Ralls told the paper. “It’s consistent with similar actions we are seeing in other cases with lesbian and gay couples.” 


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