ABC's What Would You Do?: Anti Gay Bridal Shop

Real life lesbian bride-to-be Alix Genter
The ABC show "What Would You Do" is really doing a job on homophobia and showing how unacceptable it least in New Jersey!

Via The Advocate:

Last year, New Jersey woman Alix Genter was turned away from a bridal salon after proprietors found out that she was not marrying a man, but instead committing to another woman. 

ABC News decided to see what other people would do if faced with the situation of shopping in a bridal salon with another woman who was turned away because of her sexual orientation. The reoccurring special, "What Would You Do?," pits actors in compromising, uncomfortable public situations to see how bystanders would react. This week's scenario took place at a bridal shop in New Jersey, where a lesbian customer is being turned away. 

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