Kidnapped For Christ: Gay Teen Forced Into Domincan Christian Reform School

Alleged "Gay Bootcamp" Victim David
If what is alleged in this film is true, then David's parents need to be arrested for abuse and child endangerment.  

Via Ex Gay Watch:

A feature-length film aims to tell the story of American teenagers sent to an evangelical Christian boarding school, Escuala Caribe, in the Dominican Republic. According to its website, the school is “therapeutic,” with a mission to help the parents of underachieving kids “train their child in the way he or she should go.”
Several past students allege “physical and emotional abuse” at the “boot camp,” however. Among those featured in the upcoming documentary Kidnapped for Christ are a teenager who says he was, essentially, abducted during the night to be taken from his US home to Escuala Caribe:
One morning I woke up. Two guys were at my house. … Both my parents were standing there, saying: “We love you, David. We love you.” … [The men] tied a belt around my waist, dragged me with the belt to their car. … I got sent down here because I am gay, and my parents, they just weren’t okay with that.
Watch the trailer below:

Via The Advocate:

Filmmakers are still seeking finishing funds for the film, at To see the trailer, go to


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