Mitt Romney's Charitable Donations Support Anti-Gay Reparative Therapy

Rachel Maddow is reporting that The Massachusetts Family Institute has received donations from Mitt Romney's charitable donations revealed by the now infamous disclosure of his tax records.  The MFI promotes fringe reparative therapy.  The only people that believe this extremely harmful therapy to be effective are right wing freaks.  Maddow wants the mainstream media to do their job and ask Romney if he believes that gays can be "cured".  

Via The Advocate:

Disclosure of tax filings this week for the Tyler Charitable Foundation found that it had donated $10,000 in 2010 to the MFI, which The Advocate previously reported paid for a public awareness campaign that paints trans people as sexual predators. 

MFI also backs "ex-gay" organizations such as Exodus International and promotes the use of therapy as a supposed cure for homosexuality. 

Maddow spoke to Wayne Besen, executive director of Truth Wins Out, about the donations during her show on Thursday. At the end of her report, Maddow called on the media to ask about Romney's beliefs on this kind of therapy.

"If anybody has the chance to ask Mitt Romney a question on this — I never do, they never return my calls — you might just say, 'Hey, your family foundation has been funding the promotion of pray-away-the-gay organizations, do you believe that homosexuality can be cured through therapy or praying?'" Maddow suggested. "You could just ask. Wouldn't take long. Might not kill you."

Watch the report below.


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