In Defense Of Cynthia Nixon

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There has been a huge outcry regarding Cynthia Nixon's recent statements about her sexuality and the "choices" she has made.  She said being gay, at this point in her life, was a choice that she made.

Many people have condemned her for giving "ammunition" to the enemies of gay rights. In the famous words of taxidermist Chuck Testa...."NOPE".

Regardless of what we do or say, the people who hate us and work to deny us our basic rights will always find "ammunition" to use against us, whether it exists or not.  They don't care about facts and, in this case, Cynthia is correct with her facts...which only apply to her experience.  We are not all born either exclusively gay or exclusively straight...remember the Kinsey scale?  Yes, some of us are 1's or 6's during most of our lives, but the vast majority of humans lie somewhere in the area we are afraid to acknowledge.  It's called bisexuality.

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If there is one thing I would suggest to Cynthia, it is to acknowledge that she had no choice in being attracted to both men and women.

I did not choose to be primarily attracted to men.  I was "Born This Way".  I have had sex with women.  Granted, I was much younger and still trying to conform to society's demands, but I was aroused and I was able to "do the job"...yes, it felt like work.

I could have done what many closeted men do.  I could have married a woman and lived my life as a man who had sex with woman.  I CHOSE not to.  I chose to live my life openly and enjoy sex with men.  That was the only choice that I made.  I thank God every day that I chose correctly...for me.

The "choice" we make is not the attraction, it is what we "choose" to do with it.

"Born This Way" is and Anthem for everyone.  If you are attracted to men, great!  If you are attracted to women, wonderful!  But, remember what the b in LGBT stands for.  We should not be afraid to let everyone make their own choices, which may not comform to what we as the gay community may want when it comes to fighting our enemies.  It is our job to educate and inform the world that we are perfect, just as we are.  It is our right to be the way God made us.  Maybe Cynthia is also trying to educate us that it is her right to be the way God made her.  In the end,  how she lives her life really is her choice.


Cynthia Nixon has just released a statement acknowledging that she is "bisexual" and that it is not a choice.

Via The Advocate:

"While I don't often use the word, the technically precise term for my orientation is bisexual. I believe bisexuality is not a choice, it is a fact. What I have 'chosen' is to be in a gay relationship.

Now...can we all just get along?!!


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