Hateful Homophobe Peter LaBarbera Begs For Removal Of Frothy "Santorum" Site

Dan Savage

Dan Savage rightly makes the point that Rick Santorum is not just anti-gay, he is anti-straight as well.  He wants to impose his extremist Christian beliefs on the entire nation.  Now, the fundies are begging Savage to take down the now infamous website which, inconveniently for Santorum, is the number 1 result when you search "Santorum" on google.

So, the rabidly anti-gay religious right, AKA the Christian Taliban, is now speaking out against hate directed at one of their own.  Once again, they are such poor, poor "victims"!

Via Edge Chicago:
Anyone who has Googled "Santorum" recently is well aware of the "frothy" website that pops up as the number one search result. The conservative and anti-gay group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality has become aware of the hilarious page, and its president, Peter LaBarbera, is asking the site’s creator, gay activist Dan Savage, to take it down.

Peter LaBarbera
"Today, I appeal to homosexual activist Dan Savage: take down your anti-Rick Santorum hate-site, Santorum.com," LaBarbera said in a statement.

"We get it, Dan, you HATE Rick Santorum, and you want to punish him for comments he made about the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing sodomy," he argues. "But as a prolific writer and advocate, surely you have abundant opportunities to address Santorum’s arguments civilly -- without resorting to cruel, twisted campaigns designed to destroy a man’s name and reputation by associating it with perversion."

Savage’s website shows an image of a "brown stain" on a white background with his unique "definition" of the word Santorum: "Santorum (san-TOR-um) n. 1. The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex."

Here is Dan Savage discussing the issue on "Young Turks"


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