Homophobic Man Gets A Lesbian Beatdown!

image via portrait of queer america
I don't know how well his story will go over in prison. I guess he will find out soon enough.

Via The Advocate:

When 22-year-old William Adam Lane saw a lesbian couple embracing early Sunday morning outside of a bar in Bellingham, Wash., the only reaction he could muster was to yell homophobic slurs at them. When they wouldn't react to his taunts, he smashed the back window of the Toyota the couple arrived in, causing $600 in damage. But the women didn't let him get away.

Instead, one of the women tackled Lane and pinned him to the ground while waiting for help from a bouncer at another nearby bar, according to the Bellingham Herald.Neither of the women were hurt, but Lane was arrested for an alleged hate crime, and he could also be charged for assault because of his threatening actions.


  1. Wonderful! Great for those two brave women. I love this!!! In his own sick mind, bad enough to the homophobe that he was beat up by a member of the gay community, but that it was by a woman (which is worse to him, I wonder, woman or lesbian?)!

    The horror. The horror.

  2. Well said! Either way it sends a message to think twice before you get your ass beat by a woman!! :-D


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