Fox News Outs High School English Teacher Who Used To Do Gay Porn

Kevin Hogan is an English teacher at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden, MA.  He is also the English Department Head and the crew coach.  He is highly regarded at the school...or was.  His problem is he used to do gay porn under the name Hytch Cawke (clever!!).  He doesn't anymore.  He didn't do anything illegal. In my opinion, he didn't do anything immoral either...but that's just me!

A reporter in Boston named Mike Beaudet found out and decided this was very important information for all to know.  He filed this video report:

So, this teacher who was causing no harm and did nothing illegal or immoral is most likely out of a job.  He'll probably never teach again.

Several facebook pages in support of the teacher have been created including this one.

What is the result of this news story?  There has been an increase in google searches for "Hytch Cawke" by a bunch of High School kids.  Great job, Mike Beaudet!!


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