Colorado poll: 76% Support Same Sex Unions

Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post
Slowly but surely, the general public is becoming more and more accepting of same sex unions.  The latest PPP poll out of Colorado showing that a huge majority of Coloradans support some form of same sex unions.
According to Public Policy Polling, 47 percent of those Coloradans polled said they believe gay and lesbian couples should have all the rights of marriage — and the name to boot. Forty-three percent said they oppose same-sex marriage.
Coloradans were split the last time the polling firm asked the question in August.“The verdict is in. Poll after poll shows the same thing,” Brad Clark, executive director of statewide LGBT advocacy groupOne Colorado told Out Front Colorado today. “Everyday support for the full legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples grows as Colorado voters come to know our families.”
Moreover, when you add civil unions as an option 76 percent believe same-sex couples should have some form of relationship recognition. Only 23 percent said same-sex couples should have no legal rights.


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