Anti-Gay Politician In Secret Sperm Donation Scandal

This is a very Bizarre story!  He says he has a biological need to donate sperm and reproduce.  He kept it a secret from his wife and the irony that some of the recipients were lesbian couples is very strange!
A conservative Alabama politician and former gubernatorial candidate has been slammed by reports that he had secretly been donating sperm to lesbian couples in New Zealand.
As the New Zealand Herald is reporting, Bill Johnson -- who ran for governor of Alabama in 2009 -- has spent most of this year in Christchurch helping run the earthquake recovery without his wife, Kathy, all the while using the online persona "chchbill" to meet women who want help to get pregnant.
The Herald quotes the 53-year-old Johnson as saying the urge to become a biological father inspired him to donate sperm, after revealing that his wife couldn't get pregnant following a hysterectomy. "There is nothing my wife would want to give me more in the world than a child of my own," he said. "Every person who is a father and a mother knows why I am doing this. If life's circumstances had dealt me a different hand I wouldn't be doing this. It is not the hand that life has dealt my wife. Reproduction and having children is as basic a human need as eating."
He claims to not know that any of the recipients were lesbians but I found this quote quite interesting.
One of the pregnant women, who is in a same-sex relationship, is quoted as saying of Johnson: "We found Bill to be really nice. He's a really supportive guy." (my ephasis)
If, by we, she means she and her partner, I'm guessing that the nature of their relationship would have been discussed.  Very strange indeed!


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