Anti Gay Activist Also Hates Mainstream Muslims

David Caton hates gays, muslims
and reality!!
Meet David Caton, an anti gay activist described by as a manufacturer of "faux outrage".  He is the president and only paid staff member of The Florida Family Association (FFA).  He convinced home improvement chain Lowes to pull their advertising from a TLC reality show about American Muslims called, you guessed it "All-American Muslim".  

His other calls for boycotts have included:

Protests annual “Gay Days” at Walt Disney WorldEvery year, FFA objects to Walt Disney World’s “Gay Days,” when gay and lesbian people create visibility for themselves throughout the theme park. Disney does not officially sanction the event, but FFA calls on followers to complain to Disney officials that it takes place. This year, the organization even paid to have a banner flown over the Interstate 4 corridor warning travelers that Gay Day was that weekend.

Claimed Modern Family “degrades marriage”: In 2009, the FFA complained about Toys R Us advertising on the Emmy-winning ABC sitcom Modern Familybecause it “degrades marriage and promotes same-sex couples and gay adoption.”

Thought evolution should be taught as “theory,” not “fact”: Apparently completely unaware of what constitutes a scientific theory, FFA delivered close to 14,000 emails to the Florida Board of Education in 2008, urging it to approve the teaching of evolution only “as scientific theory instead of scientific fact.”

He is now outraged at the jihadist propaganda being spewed by Muslim extremists on the reality TV show!! Just kidding...He was outraged by just the opposite.  The program has the nerve to show just how normal Muslim Americans are.  How dare they!!  How dare they challenge his prejudice!!  Jon Stewart makes this point brilliantly in this "Daily Show" clip!

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That's like being outraged that any TV program showing Christians doesn't always include Fred Phelps.  God forbid we confront the general public with a little reality...well, as much as can be expected from a reality TV show.


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