Local Episcopalian Congregation Loses Historic Building Over Gay Bishop Hoopla

This undated file photo shows
Christ Church of Savannah,
 founded in 1733, in Savannah, Ga. 
They are in Savannah, Georgia.  They decide to leave the national organization because another congregation in New Hampshire affirmed the first openly gay bishop.  They then join a diocese is Uganda, that bastion of gay tolerance!!  Now they're upset that the National organization wants to keep the property.  Aren't Christians always preaching about taking responsibility for your actions? They voted to leave the church...now, leave the church!!

Via AJCblog:
The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that a Savannah congregation of a 278-year-old church that revolted over the affirmation of a gay bishop will have to give up the historic building to the national Episcopal church....

...Lower courts had ruled in favor of the national organization, with the state Court of Appeals pointing out that Episcopalians have a hierarchical denomination ruled by bishops rather than one controlled by congregations.


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