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Biden Names All-Female Senior Communications Team

Via Huff Post: President-elect Joe Biden said Sunday that a woman will fill every senior communications role in his new administration, the first time that female officials will hold all such roles. “Communicating directly and truthfully to the American people is one of the most important duties of a president, and this team will be entrusted with the tremendous responsibility of connecting the American people to the White House,” Biden said in a statement in an apparent dig at President Donald Trump’s own communications staff. “I am proud to announce today the first senior White House communications team comprised entirely of women,” he added. “These qualified, experienced communicators bring diverse perspectives to their work and a shared commitment to building this country back better.” The group of seven women will include a longtime aides and Democratic stalwarts who have deep experience in Washington, led by Kate Bedingfield as White House communications director and Jen Psaki as

Trump openly and actively trying to steal the election!!

Trump couldn't win the election so now he's trying to steal it!!!  Via The New York Times: After failing repeatedly in court to overturn election results, President Trump is taking the extraordinary step of reaching out directly to Republican state legislators as he tries to subvert the Electoral College process, inviting Michigan lawmakers to meet with him at the White House on Friday. A source with knowledge of the trip said that Mr. Trump would meet with Michigan’s Senate majority leader, Mike Shirkey, and speaker of the House, Lee Chatfield, late Friday afternoon. Both lawmakers are Republicans who have said that whoever has the most votes in Michigan after the results are certified will get the state’s 16 electoral votes. The White House invitation to Republican lawmakers in a battleground state is the latest — and the most brazen — salvo in a scattershot campaign-after-the-campaign waged by Mr. Trump and his allies to cast doubt on President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s de

GOP Mayor: Trump's election lies "should be universally condemned by all patriotic Americans’

Republican Mayor Michael Taylor (via facebook) The GOP is complicit with Trump attempting to damage the integrity of our Democracy! It's good to see when the rare few call him out on this destruction!!  Via Raw Story: The Republican mayor of Sterling Heights, Michigan, slammed President Trump on Facebook this Wednesday, saying he is “deliberately lying to Americans and the world about the Michigan election results in order to create uncertainty, fear and distrust in our democracy.” “His temper tantrums on Twitter and baseless lies about the election should be universally condemned by all patriotic Americans, regardless of who you voted for,” Michael Taylor wrote. “The President knows he lost and understands completely that on January 20, 2021 at 12:00 pm he will no longer be president; but his pride is more important to him than our nation and our democracy,” he continued. “This charade continues at a severe cost to our nation; we deserve better. It is time for all Americans to dem

Crazy Anti-Gay activist E.W. Jackson, Who Said God Would Protect Him From COVID, Has COVID!

Carolyn Kaster/AP,Carolyn Kaster  Via Right Wing Watch: From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson dismissed concerns about the virus and vowed to defy government orders to close churches in an effort to prevent its spread. In March, Jackson boldly proclaimed that God was protecting both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from contracting the virus and repeatedly declared that he would never contract it because he was also being protected by God. “I will not get the coronavirus,” Jackson guarantee. “Who do you think you are? How can you say that? Because I asked God to protect me from it. I confessed Psalm 91 over my life and over the life of my congregation and over the life of our families and we’re not getting it.” In March, right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson boldly declared that he'd never get COVID-19 because he was protected by God. Take one guess what happened? — Right W

Study: One in five COVID-19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days!!

  Well, this is not encouraging! Another reason to wear a mask and not get infected!!!  Via Reuters: LONDON (Reuters) - Many COVID-19 survivors are likely to be at greater risk of developing mental illness, psychiatrists said on Monday, after a large study found 20% of those infected with the coronavirus are diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder within 90 days. Anxiety, depression and insomnia were most common among recovered COVID-19 patients in the study who developed mental health problems. The researchers from Britain’s Oxford University also found significantly higher risks of dementia, a brain impairment condition. “People have been worried that COVID-19 survivors will be at greater risk of mental health problems, and our findings ... show this to be likely,” said Paul Harrison, a professor of psychiatry at Oxford. Doctors and scientists around the world urgently need to investigate the causes and identify new treatments for mental illness after COVID-19, Harrison said. “(Health)

Pastor who claims prayer can block Covid now has Covid

We wish him a speedy recovery! Via The Friendly Atheist: Back in March, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner, the head of MorningStar Ministries, claimed that the United States and South Korea had the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the world because those two countries “are the two strongest nations in prayer.” That wasn’t true… but that’s what he said. Since that time, South Korea has seen a grand total of 468 COVID deaths while the U.S. (“We’re #1”) has topped 236,000 deaths. Prayer obviously isn’t the problem. (Give at least some credit to people who pray who tipped the 2016 election in favor of an ignorant buffoon and his Republican supporters.) But Joyner’s basic premise was that prayer was a way to defeat the virus. That’s going to be shocking to (*checks notes*) Rick Joyner, who just tested positive for COVID. Read the full story here.