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Mississippi High School Forces Christian Lectures On Students

They literally blocked the students from leaving.  This is the opposite of religious freedom.  This is religious tyranny, brought to you by the same people who say we are denying them religious liberty by demanding our rights as gay Americans.  Their definition of religious liberty is to force their beliefs on everyone else. Not gonna happen!! Via Raw Story: A high school in central Mississippi allegedly forced students to watch a Christian video and listen to church officials preach about Jesus Christ.   The American Humanist Association’s legal center filed a  lawsuit  against Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood on Wednesday, accusing the school of violating the student’s First Amendment rights.   The school has held at least three mandatory assemblies about finding hope in Jesus Christ this month, according to the lawsuit. The assemblies showed a video laced with Christian messages about overcoming personal hardships through Jesus Christ and were allegedly led by l

Congratulations Ellen Degeneres! 16 Years Out And Proud!!

She has been a class act her entire career!  Thank you, Ellen for being so brave and such an inspiration!!  Via Huffington Post: Few careers have seen the extreme highs and lows that Ellen DeGeneres' has. The talk-show host and comedian is veritably on top of the world right now -- and has been for several years. But that comes as a stark contrast to the sharp downturn her career saw in 1997 after she revealed that she is gay.   This time 16 years ago, DeGeneres unveiled her big secret on what has now become  a famous cover of TIME magazine , plastered with the words "Yep, I'm gay." The funny lady didn't work for three years following her admission, and it took a few more for her to officially redeem her A-list stature in the public eye, which came largely thanks to her hilarious turn in "Finding Nemo" and the debut of her eponymous talk show.