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Hilarious Video: Dan Savage on Real Time With Bill Maher

Grover Norquist is NOT amused!!  This is why I love Dan Savage!  He points out the obvious and frames the argument so well! Watching Grover Norquist's reaction to Dan's statement about trying to inseminate his husband is reason enough to watch this video.

Are Fundamentalist Christians Victims of Mental Abuse?

Watch this video of  Dr. Jim Standridge, 76, of Immanuel Baptist Church in Skiatook, OK and ask yourself that question.  In my opinion, fear is what drives right-wing extremist's motivations.  That is why they hate gays, and foreigners and anyone different from themselves.  Is that also why they stay in situations like this? Would any self-respecting human being not stand up and walk out of that church after being told that they are "not worth 15 cents?"   Apparently, the "Big Boy" did get up and leave.  Good for him!  I would love to hear what the other people he berates in this video think about it.   When all you have is fear and intimidation to keep your church together, haven't you already lost the "spiritual battle?" Via RawStory: Baptist preachers have a reputation for being blunt and direct — and sometimes boisterous — but a pastor in Oklahoma has taken it to a whole new level.   Dr. Jim Standridge, 76, of Immanuel Baptist Ch