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Texans Ask United Nations to investigate State's Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws!

Image Via Texas Governor's Office How is this 2024 and Texas is still acting like it's the 1950's! When you have nothing but hate and grievance to offer, this is what happens!! Via Advocate : A joint ACLU of Texas and Equality Texas press release notes that after a record-breaking legislative session in the state—with more than 140 anti-LGBTQ+ bills filed—Texans are now struggling with a collection of new laws that eliminate medical freedom for trans youth, censor school libraries, ban trans athletes from participating in collegiate sports, end DEI practices at public universities, threaten drag performances, and undermine local governments’ already limited power. According to the press release, these laws are a systemic attack on the fundamental rights, dignities, and identities of LGBTQ+ persons that opens the gates for discrimination by both public and private actors.