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Airbnb Removes Listing Of Anti-Gay Property Owner

Airbnb does not tolerate discrimination. Just ask the Texas Homeowner who's Bed And Breakfast was removed from Airbnb's listings. The irony is she is within her legal rights to do so in the state of Texas. There is also no Federal law protecting Gays and Lesbians from discrimination in public accommodations.   Via Huffington Post : Airbnb has removed a Texas bed and breakfast from its listings after  its host reportedly kicked out a gay couple . Jonathan Wang told KTRK-TV that he and his partner, Brent, booked two nights at the home in Galveston for a friend's wedding. The home's owner,  identified in media reports  simply as Heather, confronted Wang when he returned after the reception. "Heather asked me where my wife was," he said. The situation became awkward when Heather asked who Brent was. "She said, 'I thought you were bringing a wife,'" Wang recalled. "I said, 'I didn't say that specifically ... is that goi

GA Church Sign: Homosexuality Is A Death Worthy Crime

Please proceed, Pastor. Via Talking Points Memo: The pastor of a church in Milledgeville, Ga., recently changed the sign outside his church to read, "Homosexuality is a death worthy crime," according to Georgia television station  WGXA . The sign caused a stir in the neighborhood, but Robert Lee, the pastor of Ten Commandments Church, defended his sign and claimed he was quoting the Bible. "Homosexuality is an abomination, and the Bible says that homosexuality is a death worthy crime," Lee told WGXA.

Barney Frank: Sen. Jim Inhofe Is The Biggest Idiot In D.C.

Former Rep. Barney Fran (D-MA) is never one to suffer fools. His wit is razor sharp and his patience for stupidity is razor thin. Video via Bravo:

Conchita Wurst: You Are Unstoppable

h/t to JoeMyGod 2014 Eurvision winner Conchita Wurst is coming out with her debut album. Sony press Release: Fans all around have waited for this moment and now they are rewarded accordingly. From power ballads to dance floor fillers, from Swing to Pop, the winner of 2014’s Eurovision Song Contest shows the full range of her talents on her debut album, which is simply titled Conchita. Besides her hits “Rise Like A Phoenix, “Heroes” and “You Are Unstoppable”, the album holds many gems for her fans to explore: Songs like “Colours Of Your Love” and “Firestorm” with their driving beats, the oriental influences on “Out Of Body Experience”, while “Where Have All The Good Men Gone” boasts a swinging brass section, and fans of spectacular ballads will enjoy “Pure”. After her victory in Copenhagen in May 2014, Conchita Wurst now tops off a successful and turbulent year with her new longplayer. Her fans have always been at her side, be it at her performance at the Crazy Horse, her perfo

Jon Stewart Nails Media Coverage Of Baltimore Riots

This is brutal! And, rightly so. Jon also touches on the fact that the riots do not spontaneously erupt without cause. Worth watching. Via Comedy Central: The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes , The Daily Show on Facebook , Daily Show Video Archive It's also worth noting that while cable news is focusing on the violence, This is happening .

Senator Bernie Sanders Running For President

Senator Sanders is passionate about many liberal issues including gay rights, income inequality and reining in Wall Street abuse. He is likely to be followed by former MD Gov. Martin O'Malley. This should keep the Democratic primary interesting and will force Hillary to speak to the priorities of the Democratic base. Via Huffington Post : Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will launch a campaign seeking the Democratic nomination for president in 2016 on Thursday.   Sanders will be the first official challenger for the Democratic nomination to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who launched her campaign earlier this month.   Sanders' decision was first reported by  Vermont Public Radio , and confirmed by The Huffington Post.

Cautious Optimism For Marriage Equality Ruling

The general consensus on both sides seems to favor Marriage Equality, though we're not opening the champagne  yet.  Via AmericaBlog : The Supreme Court heard  oral arguments  in  Obergefell vs. Hodges  this morning, and preliminary indications are that the Court is  ready to rule 5-4  in favor of marriage equality. However, while even those  opposed to marriage equality  concede as much, a win — especially one in which marriage equality is affirmed as a civil rights issue — is  no guarantee .

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