Outed "Grindr Pastor" Told Gay Teen He Was Going To Hell

Earlier this week, Queerty outed anti gay Reverend Matthew Makela by showing his profile on the gay "hook up" app Grindr. Apparently, he is a top who likes to cuddle. 

Now, we hear from a gay teen from Reverend Makela's Church. 

Via CBS affiliate in Flint MI:

A mother came forward with new accusations against the local pastor who resigned after being outed as gay.

Jennifer Kish is angered over the recent revelation that Matthew Makela might be gay, not because of his alleged sexual preference, but because of how he treated her son while they were parishioners at his church. She said what that pastor told her son nearly drove him to suicide.

Makela is a Midland pastor who resigned after being outed by a website. The website said it outed Makela because of his outspoken stance in recent years against homosexuality, a stance one woman said was particularly harmful to her family.

Jennifer Kish said her then 17-year-old son Tyler suffered from serious depression and was considering suicide because he was told by Makela he was going to hell because he was gay.
"If he was going to go to hell for being gay then he might as well go to hell by committing suicide," Jennifer Kish said, regarding what Makela told her son.

Watch the video below.



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