Ask ALL Your Friends: Is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham Gay?

Senator Lindsey Graham with his "Bitch, Please!" face.

He is a very effeminate, never been married, homophobe who is actively and aggressively legislating against gay rights.  This most recent occasion involves screwing gay immigrants with gay American partners in upcoming immigration legislation.

Recent studies have suggested that many homophobic men may be closet cases, acting out of internalized homophobia, and self loathing.

Effeminate...Never Been Married...Homophobe... That's 3 strikes right there.  That would be my guess.  I don't have any proof of this. Only my opinion.

But, there is enough speculation.  I think EVERYONE should be asking the question: Is Lindsey Graham Gay?

Via AmericaBlog:

It’s time to finally out Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). 
Graham has had it coming for a while now. Not because he’s a Republican. But because he’s an anti-gay Republican. And while it’s one thing to be gay and a closet case, it’s quite another to be a hypocrite, an anti-gay gay, someone who uses his power to harm others in the name of morality, all the while knowing secretly that heis one of the others. 
In this case, Graham’s hypocrisy that broke the camel’s back is immigration reform. I have it on good authority from someone intimately involved in the immigration reform process that Lindsey Graham is the central reason that the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), which would help stop the forced deportation of foreign-born gay spouses, is being blocked from being added to the immigration bill. While other Senators might be bluffing about their opposition to addressing the immigration needs of gay binational couples in immigration reform, I’m told Graham isn’t bluffing. 
The obvious question arises as to why Graham is holding gays hostage in the immigration bill.


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