Dept. Of Defense Blocking LGBT And Progressive Websites being blocked by the defense department

The DOD is not blocking anti-gay and right wing websites.  The policy of banning gays may have changed but the culture still needs to catch up.  The DOD just needs to own up to their bias and remove the anti-gay censoring of the internet.

Via AmericaBlog:

Possibly the most incredible thing in the entire Pentagon statement is the following:
Personal pages and blogs are blocked in accordance with DoD policy allowing military commanders the option to restrict access to personal pages for operational security reasons.
Really?   That’s the excuse – you banned us for national security reasons.  But Red State is fine, it doesn’t jeopardize US national security.
How exactly does it compromise operational security to let US service members read AMERICAblog and Pam’s House Blend and Towleroad, but it doesn’t jeopardize operational security for them to read Red State?  You can only add content to my blog by commenting.  And you can comment on Red State as well.  So why is the Pentagon now claiming that reading AMERICAblog and other gay blogs (and some straight ones as well, such as Daily Kos) is now a threat to national security?


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