GOP: Hurricane Sandy Means God Wants Obama To Win?

Hailey Barbour on CNN blaming Romney's
lost momentum Hurricane Sandy
The latest republican narrative about why Mitt Romney lost his momentum is that Hurricane Sandy diverted attention away from the "awful economy".

First, this is not true.  Romney's momentum was lost even before the hurricane.  Markos Moulitsos at DailyKoz proves that point quite well.

But the most curious thing about this narrative is the ongoing GOP thinking on natural disasters.  The fringe and not so fringe elements of the right are always blaming natural distasters on groups and policies they disagree with.   How many times have we heard that God is punishing the gays by sending earthquakes and hurricanes... and locusts?  So, it stands to reason that if God sends calamitous weather to make a point and if that calamitous weather is benefiting President Obama...well, you do the meteorology!!  God is endorsing Obama!!

Rabbi Noson Leiter blaming gay marriage on
Hurricane Sandy
Even if the loss of momentum did come after the hurricane, Mitt's previous statements about getting rid of FEMA and diverting those funds to let each state deal with their own crisis caused its own damage.  Imagine a state dealing with a hurricane with equipment and resources that are currently underwater.  Great idea, Mitt!

Now, keep in mind the election has not happened yet.  Obama is favored, but anything can happen.  Whatever the outcome, I'm sure the wingnuts will twist the narrative to suit their psychosis.  So, let's do the same thing.  If Obama wins, we lefties can thank God!  If he loses, we can blame nature...or something.  I'll let you know when I figure out the logic.


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