New Study Shows More People Know Gays And Are More Accepting

It's pretty obvious that the more that people know us, the more they like us.  Of course they do...we're FABULOUS!!  

A majority of Americans now say they have a close friend or family member who is gay, according to a new poll from CNN. This marks a sharp shift from just two decades ago, when most said they didn't have any close friends or family members who were gay...
...Among the group surveyed this year, 60 percent said they have a family member or a close friend who is gay or lesbian, an amount 15 percentage points higher than what was recorded in CNN's 2007 poll. In 1994, the percentage was even smaller -- less than one-third of those surveyed by CNN reported a close relationship with a gay or lesbian person.
"The poll confirms what we have known for some time," said Suzanne Goldberg, a professor at Columbia Law School who specializes in sexuality and gender law. "American attitudes about gay and lesbian people and about marriage equality for same sex couples have been changing consistently and quickly and the arc bends towards equality."


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