New Adele Biography Claims Alcohol Abuse

I believe that all the best vocalists, with the most expressive performances reach deep down into a place of pain.  I wish her all the best.
Adele was once close to "rolling in the deep" with an alcohol problem, according to a new biography.
In Marc Shapiro's "Adele: The Biography," the author details a time when the singer struggled with a drinking problem that left her visibly intoxicated while performing onstage.
"I got so drunk by the time I went on at 2 a.m. I had forgotten the words to my own songs ... It was the worst thing ever," the 24-year-old singer told Shapiro in an interview, according to In Touch. "Midway through her first tour, she allegedly had a drinking problem," he says.
But according to Shapiro, it was the heartbreak that made Adele a global household name that fueled her alcohol dependence -- an addiction her estranged father similarly suffered from.
"Adele would drink more than normal to salve the heartbreak," Shapiro writes.


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