Love Chik-Fil-A But Hate Their Homophobia? Try Chef Hilah Johnson's Chik-Fil-Gay

Chef Hilah Johnson has lots
of gay friends...and lots of class!
They do make a great sandwich....but what homophobic dicks!! Chik-Fil-A is an anti-gay corporate bully.  The donate money to anti-gay causes and they don't deserve our money.

Via The Advocate:

Internet chef Hilah Johnson loves Chick-Fil-A's fried chicken sandwiches, but she isn't so keen on the company's antigay political leanings, or the fact that it's closed on Sundays. So Johnson took matters into her own hands and came up with the Chick-Fil-Gay, a substitute for those who crave one of the company's chicken sandwiches but don't want to patronize the restaurant.

You can see the ingredients and the instruction on how to make a hate-free, delicious chicken sandwich from Hilah Johnson's website
Watch her fry up a sandwich below:


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