The Haters Are Flying Anti Gay Banners At Gay Days...Again

I was kind of looking forward to seeing the banners in person, but I'm stuck inside!  With the shift in public attitudes about the LGBT community, groups like the Florida Family Association are only exposing their extreme hatred to the rest of the world.  
The Florida Family Association will reportedly make good on an earlier vow to protest Walt Disney World's annual "Gay Days" event by flying two planes carrying "warning" banners over the Orlando-based resort this weekend.The organization, which has also protested the event in previous years, says the action is a response to "many, many letters and emails from people across the country" who inadvertently planned their Disney vacations during "Gay Days." Organizers also cite a letter from a grandfather who took his two-year-old granddaughter to the park 18 years ago and called the event "the most deplorable sight that we ever saw.""We want to warn families before they expose their children to Gay Day’s same-sex revelry, before they pay money to Disney for parking, admission, novelties and food," the group notes on its website, while thanking members who donated a $12,802.37 for the rental of two banner-carrying planes, to be flown on Sunday. "We also want to send a message that Gay Day’s public promotion of homosexuality to a captured audience inside the park is wrong."In April, a group calling themselves the "Non-A-Holes," or "average Americans against hatred," announced a fundraiser to have a banner flown over Walt Disney World which read, "WARNING: Homophobes Loose in Orlando. Hide Your Kids," on June 2, as a rebuttal to the Florida Family Association's plan.


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