Gluttonous Congregant Of Pastor Charles "Round Up The Gays" Worley Shows Her Willful Ignorance To Anderson Cooper

Stacey (Gluttony Is A Sin)  Pritchard
One of TowleRoad's commenters points out the irony of her condemnation, when she should be looking in the mirror and read the following verse:

"and put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony"
-Proverbs 23:2

Who knows if she has ever been introduced to the proverbs verse...maybe she ate it!

How dare we keep "harping, harping, harping" on their hating, hating and more hating!

Read more at TowleRoad:

The woman, Stacey Pritchard, is all about Worley's plan, but she can't quite explain why other alleged sinners don't deserve to be detained, nor does she seem to have a complete understanding of where gay babies come from... Biology is hard, and Anderson is confused.


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