Anniversary Spa Getaway In Fort Worth

My partner and I are celebrating our 19th anniversary with a weekend getaway in Fort Worth, TX. Yes, I said 19th!  If Newt Gingrich keeps it up, he can have as many wives as my husband and I have had anniversaries!

We took Amtrak from Austin to Fort Worth.  I haven't been on Amtrak since my 6th grade school trip to Washington D.C.  It was a very enjoyable ride.  The seats are very roomy, the dining car was very fun.  I think we may be looking into more train vacations.

We had a nice massage and then a delicious dinner at Reata on Houston Street. We got to walk around downtown Fort Worth. It's much nicer than I had imagined. The surprise of the trip was the beautiful Fort Worth Water Gardens designed by Phillip Johnson. Here are some photos that I took. Enjoy!


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