Want To See A Truly Brave Gay Hero? Watch This Video On David Kuria

David Kuria
In the midst of death threats and overwhelming animosity of Kenyan society aimed at the LGBT community, gay activist David Kuria is running for the Kenyan senate.

According to the video below:

"In Kenya, 'homosexual behavior' is punishable by up to 14 years in prison"

"96% of Kenyans said that homosexuality should be rejected by society"

Via TowleRoad:

Poster inciting violence against Kuria
The out, lovely, and terribly brave pro-gay (and anti-poverty) activist David Kuria is running for a senate seat in Kenya. He does this despite the fact that, should he ascend to public office, several of his new colleagues will rather he rot in a jail cell than roam the halls of power.
Kuria runs at considerable personal risk. Though not as violently anti-gay as neighboring Uganda, Kenya takes its legal proscriptions against homosexual behavior very seriously. And Kenya's rural western reaches have seen some of the millenium's most heinous explosions of atavistic tribal barbarity. But Kuria seems neither wrathful nor scared. Meet him and his family in a brief video by S. Leo Chiang and Johnny Symons, viewable

OUT RUN - David Kuria character sketch Feb 2012 from Leo Chiang on Vimeo.


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