ABC's "What Would You Do" Confronts "Pray The Gay Away"

It is encouraging to watch most people passionately defend this boy from what all rational people realize is an extremely harmful "therapy".  

Via TowleRoade:

On Friday night, ABC's What Would You Do? with John Quinones posed the question: What happens if you drop off a bewildered gay teen with a "reparative therapist" he's never met before in the middle of a busy pancake house? Do the diners respond to the teen's obvious distress? To the therapist's obvious creepiness? The answers are (mostly) heartening, though the scenario isn't quite fair -- actual "reparative therapists" aren't generally so insensitive as to discuss a teen's sexuality during peak hours at a busy restaurant. (And most of them probably don't sound so sinister. This guy sounds like he's got bodies in his crawlspace.) Watch!