Is "Purity Bear" Creepier Than "Pedobear"?

From the "Purity Bear" video
At least Pedobear is a joke created to mock child predators.  Purity Bear is serious.

So, the "Purity Bear" video is getting some attention after being featured on Tosh.0. A "pure" girl invites a young boy in to her house after a date while her parents aren't home.  Suddenly, a creepy stuffed bear (that only the guy can see or hear) shows up over his shoulder and convinces him not to go in (if you get my meaning) to maintain his "purity".

I am really tired of this concept that pre-marital sex is "impure".  For most gay men and lesbians, all sex is pre-marital.  Once again, the puritanical ideas that make any form of pleasure seem bad have corrupted what could be a healthy and fulfilling experience, whether or not there is a ring on your finger.

Proponents of abstinence only education like to site the "fact" that girls who don't wait for marriage to have sex often say they regret the decision....Duh!  If you are constantly told that if you have sex before marriage, you will be a slut, dirty, impure, would kind of skew your attitude about sex of any kind.'s post about Texas schools quietly introducing real sex education makes the point in a very funny way:

Another indication that Texas is beginnning to move toward better sex-ed programs: Well-known abstience-only educator Ed Ainsworth is getting less work. This year he'll only be visiting 50 to 60 schools in Texas. During the Bush administration, he was sharing sentiments like this at more than 100 schools per year:
"Will a condom protect your heart? As a female, will a condom protect your reputation? ... It might protect you from getting pregnant, it might protect you from getting a disease, but there's no way it will protect your heart, mind, emotions and reputation. There's no way. So how can we call it safe?"
To be fair, Ainsworth does present a compelling argument. Contraception can make sex much, much safer, but it won't prevent the puritanical idiots in your community from labeling you a slut.

It's the same for gays and lesbians that grow up in the most homophobic areas.  If you're constantly told that engaging in a certain behavior is really bad and you engage in that behavior, you're going to feel really bad about yourself.

That doesn't stop fundamentalists from causing more problems by advocating for abstinence only education, even though study after study shows that these programs don't work and in fact may increase the transmission of STDs.


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