Katherine Heigl really HATES balls...REALLY!

O.K. so this makes me love Katherine Heigl!...because she hates balls?  NO!  It's because she is a strong advocate for spaying and neutering.  Plus, this video is hilarious!!

Found this at Unicorn Booty:
Katherine Heigl has dedicated her life to ridding the world of balls. Not yoga balls, not tennis balls. Testicles. And why wouldn’t she? They change size unpredictably. They look awful unshaved. They’re muppet-like. Hitler and John Wayne Gacy came from them. 

Surely you can take it from here with your own list of why balls are the scourge of the earth and the low-hanging downfall of civilization. Or you can just press play and let Katherine do the talking in this short for Funny or Die.