Irrelevant Pres. Candidate Rick Perry Signs Iowa Anti-Gay Pledge

In between giving allegedly drunk speeches and sinking in the polls, Texas governor Rick Perry is busy being a homophobic tool.  

Rick Perry has joined fellow Republican presidential contenders Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum in signing a controversial marriage pledge from Iowa’s FAMiLY LEADER. The social conservative organization is headed by failed gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats and has positioned itself as a gateway to Iowa’s Republican caucus goers. The pledge likens homosexuality to polygamy, adultery, or polyandry and asks candidates to vow that being gay is a choice that poses serious health risks like “shorter life expectancy.” An earlier draft also claimed that children were better off under slavery than they are under Obama.

So, if idiots like this oppose gay marriage, aren't they really promoting homosexual promiscuity? Just sayin'.

Did I say "allegedly drunk speech"? O.K. Judge for yourself.


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